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What is Business Center and what does it do?

Business Center North Savo is a service network strengthening the expertise and international competitiveness of North Savo region and its business life, as well as other organizations. We help North Savo to develop: we want to ensure your success and the whole region’s vitality for decades to come.

We help entrepreneurs and those willing to become ones to success. We provide tools for entrepreneurship and innovation, for new services and product development. We also provide entrepreneurship education and training services as well as growth and innovation services for companies. Read more!

We are building in North Savo and Savilahti area a common entrepreneurship learning environment for educational institutions, industries, startups and existing companies. We are also building a startup community, a business accelerator, innovation licensing and commercialization services, and a joint entrepreneurship education strategy for North Savo.

Where is Business Center located?

We are located at Novapolis in Kuopio. Our address is Microkatu 1, building B, first floor. Easiest entrance is through the main door of building A. Look our contact info here, and the map here! Welcome to visit us!

How do I reach Business Center easily?

In case we are not present, you can always call us, send us e-mail or a message via social media (@bcpohjoissavo). You find our contact info here.

Who are Business Center’s services suitable for?

Our services are suitable for entrepreneurs or those interested in entrepreneurship, for company developers, students, teachers, as well as for company and work community employees, regardless of industry. 

Are Business Center’s services tied to a certain industry?

We are completely industry-independent and therefore warmly welcome actors from all sectors!

What is "Havuja#!@%&!" ?

Havuja#!@%&! is a program entity promoting entrepreneurship. It consists of three different stages and of the Havuja#!@%&! Campfire community. Havuja#!@%&! supports the launching of new business ideas as well as their acceleration towards future success stories. The program entity provides its participants new ideas, sparring, methods and networks for innovation commercialization, business development and internationalization.

I don’t know which expert to contact.

No worries! We also have a general e-mail address: bcpohjoissavo@gmail.com, through which we can direct you to the right person. Feel free to contact us!


Can I apply for an internship at Business Center?

Definitely, you can! Feel free to contact us either by email or via social media (@bcpohjoissavo) and we will talk more about it.


Can I study entrepreneurship at the Business Center?

Yes. Business Center brings together entrepreneurship courses for all students at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland and Savo Vocational College. The courses study the basics of entrepreneurship, plan new business and try it out in practice in a multidisciplinary and multi-professional community. Courses can also be taken from the open UAS side, and many credits are available virtually.

What is an innovation? What about an innovation process?

Innovation is a new commercialized idea, which has been put into practice through several tests. Thus, an idea without implementation in practice is yet not an innovation. An innovation can be a new or improved product, service, formula or even a new viewpoint. Innovation process, in turn, describes idea’s journey to the launching phase. The phases are: 1. Idea 2. Rough prototype 3. Product development 4. Launch.

I have an idea/innovation and I’d like to take it forward. How do I proceed with it?

You can start taking the idea forward by filling in this ideation canvas. With the help of it, you can visualize your idea/innovation more easily. You can also contact our innovation experts and make an appointment, during which you can map out your situation together. You are warmly welcome to us!  

Is a new and unique idea a necessity for starting a business?

By no means is it a necessity! You can start a business even based on your skills or hobbies. You do not have to reinvent the wheel to become an entrepreneur. Feel free to contact our experts, if you want to discuss this further. You are warmly welcome to us!

I would like to make my hobby a profession. How do I proceed with the issue?

You can contact our experts. We can start planning your personal path towards entrepreneurship together. You are warmly welcome to us!

What do I do if I have a business idea, but I do not want to make it a full-time job?

In that case, light entrepreneurship might be a considerable alternative for you. Feel free to contact our entrepreneurship experts. We can find out your personal path towards entrepreneurship together. You are warmly welcome to us!

Is there a right time or right age to start a business?

By no means. You can start a business at any stage of your life, when you feel ready for it. And when you are ready, feel free to contact our experts!

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