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Second stage of the Havuja#!@%&! Program 

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Havuja#!@%&! Accelerator is a continuous accelerator program providing mentorship to push your business idea to the next level, raise funds, and peer-to-peer group support. Accelerator has been designed for startups, development of business activities and support of the commercialization phase: the aim is to fast track ideas and avoid the common mistakes of the first stage of business development. The program helps, among other things, the participants to improve their networking and pitching skills to increase the potential to raise funds for their idea.

Participation is free of charge, but commitment to the program and goal-orientation are expected from the participants. The registration is open!


For whom

Havuja#!@%&! Accelerator program has been designed for new innovative enterprises, startups in the early stage, or teams engaged in product development. The program is also ideal for teams at bootcamp stage planning to establish a startup in the near future. You are welcome to join the Accelerator even if you have a business idea, whose target market and potential customers have already been researched.

The program is free of charge, but commitment to the program and goal-orientation are expected from the participants.

The most suitable candidates will be selected by the Business Center professionals.



Participation in Havuja#!@%&! Accelerator helps you navigate round the obstacles and pitfalls typical of the early stage of business development. The program facilitates rapid progress towards the goals of your team or, leading your business to success. You will also receive support in peer-to-peer setting and gain new perspective to your business activities from other teams, mentors and our experts engaged in the program.

The aim is to ensure that most of the startups joining the Accelerator manage to raise funds for their business activities.


Havuja#!@%&! Accelerator program focuses on intensive guidance, meetings, training, education, workshops, coaching, peer support, as well as improvement of presentation and pitching skills. The program also includes 3-4 mentor nights with experienced entrepreneurs and Business Center North Savo experts available to give advice.


20 experts from various fields have already promised to mentor the program.

Check the full mentor list here!

Heidi Ahonen

Nostetta Ventures Oy

Venture capital professional with nearly 20 years of wide experience in both private and public venture capital sectors. Strong knowledge and hands-on experience in managing venture capital funds, latest as a Investment Director at Finnvera Plc VC.  Active board professional with enthusiasm of doing things better.

Kari Voutila

A serial entrepreneur and professional board member with a deep experience of media and commercializing new ideas to international market.

Tuija Keinonen

CEO, FaT, Honorary Consul (Estonia) since 2012. She was the CEO at Oy Medfiles Ltd since 1999 and Medfiles Concern since 2005. She also has 25 years’ experience in international CRO-service business, asset deals and business integrations.

Juho Risku

Butterfly Ventures

Juho has been in the fore front of digital technologies from mid -80s, serial entrepreneur since 1996, founder in four companies, M.Sc. in Economics (thesis about the effects of VC-Founder relationship quality), VC since 2012, participated 100+ investment rounds, visionary technology guy and an enthusiast ice climber and mountaineer.

Maarit Sinikangas

Panko Concept

Maarit Sinikangas is an international business expert who guides companies to the world with burning enthusiasm. At the moment, Maarit is a shareholder and CEO of Panko Concept, bringing Finnish architecture and design around the world. Maarit’s areas of strength are corporate finance, business development, exports and networks. She is at her best at international negotiating tables and at the edge of strategic planning.

Anssi Lehikoinen

CEO of KPY Novapolis

Chairman of the Board and founder of Numcore and Roscole Ltd.  Deep tech board professional and entrepreneur with a strong track record from the sector. Anssi has various board positions, currently at Osuuskunta KPY, Enfo, Nostetta and VRT Finland. He also has several board positions e.g. Ownsurround and Savroc.

Also mentoring:

Teemu Huuhtanen, Next Games
Jere Räisänen, Elcoline
Tomi Niskakoski, Dreamentor
Heidi Nousiainen, Finnvera
Mikko Juuti, Kasve
Miia Eskelinen-Fingerroos
Jussi Holopainen, Vetrea
Tuomas Tahvanainen, Gallant
Karri Koistinen, VRT Finland Oy


Kick – off (compulsory)


  • How do I get the most out of Accelerator?
  • Presentations + teams
  • Dinner + Get-together



Morning coffee gatherings (voluntary) 

  • Networking 1
  • Networking 2

Workshops (compulsory for the participants), duration 4h


  • Customer Workshop
  • Pitch training day
  • Service blueprint
  • Morning Pitching
  • Business model
  • Planning your future

Weekly meetings (compulsory) 

Need to boost your business? Registration is always open!