Havuja#!@&%! Bootcamp 

First stage of the Havuja#!@%&! Program

Start the development of your ideas in our Havuja#!@%& Bootcamp!

English Havuja#!@%&! Bootcamp coming in May!


Havuja#!@%&! Bootcamp is the 1st stage of the Havuja business accelerator programme by Business Center North Savo. Bootcamp is meant for anyone who has an initial business idea and would like to work on it. Participants get to develop their business idea in four intensive 2,5h workshops with the help of experts from Business Center North Savo. You don’t have to have a clear business idea ready. In the final session all teams get to present their business idea to the Bootcamp jury.
You can participate by yourself or as a team. If you are a student you can get two (2) credits from participating to your elective studies. However, being any kind of student is not compulsory! PS. Maximum number of participants is limited to around 15 teams.
Tues 03.05. Session 1: Idea crystallization. 4:00 – 6:30 pm
Thur 05.05. Session 2: Market research. 4:00 – 6:30 pm
Tues 10.05. Session 3: Project planning. 4:00 – 6:30 pm
Thur 12.05. Session 4: Pitching training. 4:00 – 6:30 pm
Thur 19.05. Session 5: Pitching day. 4:00 – 6:30 pm
All sessions will be held via Zoom. Optional hybrid execution is considered.
Interested or got questions? Enrol now by sending an email:
p. +358505715046

To whom

The program is open for individuals as well as teams. It is for promising ideas and all those developing ones. Your business idea can be just a thought or already a complete concept. The branch is irrelevant. The work takes place in an existing team, in a new team, or in a sparring group. In the sparring group, everyone can develop their own idea further in interaction with other sparring group members.

Participation is free and zero-equity!



The program provides you certainty to delevop your idea into a success story. It also gives you new ideas to consider and develop further. You learn new skills and get tools for teamwork, presentation, development, and concrete planning of them. Either way, you will benefit from the acquired skills in modern working life.

In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in the Havuja#!@%&! Accelerator –startup program and the Draft pitching event.


The program includes full contact days as well as a half pitcing day. It is a good idea to spare some time to work with the idea and the possible team already before the full contact days, and especially during the independent work period between the contact days and the pitching day.


The program

Pre-sparrings before the contact days

Short individual sparring sessions will be held with participants. In addition, pre-teaming and deployment and testing of the remote access platform will be arranged as appropriate in case the execution takes place remotely on the net.

Starting info

Initial info about Havuja program. What is there to come and how to proceed after the program.

Refining the idea

Customer viewpoint consideration and visualization of the idea, or finding new ideas with the help of a simple ideation canvas.

Pitch coaching

Basic structure of a pitch: how to tell about the idea and how to use the canvas tool in pitch creation. Practicing in your own group.

Information retrieval workshop

Common sources of information such as marketing studies and databases, as well as personal sources such as customer interviews. An overview of applicable mehtods and practicing of them.

Planning the follow-up

What happens during the following two weeks and what is the long-term plan.

Two-week period of independent work

Finding out the customer needs and marketing potential, developing the idea further by seeking arguments for it, and preparing of the final pitch presentation. Individual coaching also possible.

Idea jury after the independent work period

Jury consists of professionals, experienced startup entrepreneurs and your fellow participants who give you advice how to proceed with the idea.


Havuja#!@%&! Bootcamp gave me new perspectives on my idea.

“My idea, Urban Data, was in a mixed of prototype, testing and planning stage. My expectations for the Bootcamp program were to narrow down all the information my team had, and put it on a detailed and clear concept.

I enjoyed working with the ready-to-use material because it had clear questions and explanations that helped me clear my mind about my idea.

I also got different perspectives of my idea and got help with some areas I was missing before joining the program, e.g. competitors. I got different sources and ideas to research more about my competitors and could definitely understand more the industry I was approaching. In the future, I think that the program should contain a part where to discuss more about innovation, as there are more chances for a project to be supported if this is innovative.”

Karen Cuéllar


”Havuja#!@%&! Bootcamp workshops were interesting, and the received project tools will surely be useful in other projects as well. ”


Havuja#!@%&! Bootcamp leaders’ expertise and genuine willingness to help felt valuable.”


The remote implementation of Havuja#!@%&!  Bootcamp was well organized and Teams worked well as a platform.’


Havuja#!@%&! Bootcamp was an inspiring way to consider the direction of the company.”