Research & Development

North Savo has a high number of research, development and educational organizations with expertise and practical research tools valuable for businesses and other players. This site offers you information about regional contact persons, expertise and facilities available, together with references of earlier customer cooperation. Click the symbol to enter each organization’s web site.


Energy technology
Supports regional energy companies by providing services for measurement, testing, analysing and survey to improve the existing energy transformation processes. The ecosystem also offers laboratory environments, measurement equipment and platforms for testing and piloting new products. Contacts: Markku Huhtinen (, Jorma Jokiniemi (
Ecosystem promotes product development of the companies in the region offering them services in measuring, testing and piloting. Sustainable development is advanced by utilizing industry side streams and by developing high value yield products, as well as by investigating alternative biomaterials. Contacts: Harri Auvinen (, Reijo Lappalainen ( and Markku Jokela (