The services of Business Center North Savo are targeted at a wide group of actors interested in entrepreneurship from the lone inventor to corporate teams, projects, organisations and different research and development communities. We help you, for example, start and develop your business and commercialise your innovations.

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Innovation boosting services – Individual sparring

Our innovation boosting services help individuals and teams at the early stage of their innovation process refine their idea and bring their venture to the next stage. We employ a number of methods and tools for both individual and team sparring.

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Innovation Clinic

We arrange innovation clinics in different locations in the North Savo region in collaboration with local actors engaged in entrepreneurship and innovations. Innovation clinics are open for anyone interested in entrepreneurship and for companies at different stages of their business. At the innovation clinic you will learn hard facts about idea protection, funding and systematic development of an idea. If requested, we can discuss ideas and their further development one-on-one as well.

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Idea workshop

In the idea workshop participants have the opportunity to use the Business Center Innovator’s Ideamap in idea generation. In the workshop we can focus on shaping up a certain business feature, generating new business or alternative ways of approaching an existing problem. The idea workshop is applicable particularly to development of early stage businesses. We design the workshop content individually for each target audience. The workshop also serves as a great brainstorming tool for student groups.

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Havuja#!@%&! program

Havuja#!@%&! is a program for the promotion of entrepreneurship consisting of three stages (BootcampAccelerator, Leap)and  Havuja#!@%&! Campfire community. Havuja#!@%&! focuses on early stage business ideas accelerating them towards future success. Ideas, sparring, methods and networks for commercialisation of innovations, development of business activities and internationalisation are some of the services provided to participants by the program.

Common entrepreneurial learning environment

Entrepreneurship courses in Savonia UAS, University of Eastern Finland and Savo Vocational College are being merged and made available for all learners. The courses contain basics of entrepreneurship and business, planning and testing of a new business activity in practice in a cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary community. Students at the open university of applied sciences may also take the courses many of which can be studied virtually.

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Entrepreneurial education

The joint entrepreneurial and innovation education strategy of the North Savo region, the first of its kind in Finland, envisions teaching of entrepreneurship and innovation skills in all levels of education from early childhood education to higher education institutions.

The vision is to have all regional education institutions integrate teaching of entrepreneurship and innovation skills in their syllabi by 2025.  

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Draft program

Draft Kuopio program can provide sparring and as much as 4.000 euros in funding for development and testing of a business idea. The Draft application process is organised three times a year in autumn, winter and spring. Teams are selected on the basis of the presentation, i.e. pitch, of their ideas. The business idea competition is organised in Kuopio in collaboration with Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland and Savo Vocational College. Draft is targeted at all students, staff and alumni of these educational institutions.


Take a look at the frequently asked questions or contact us!